Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pendant Day!

I found some very heavy gauge copper wire to play with and I made 3 pendants today. The first is a copper disc with turquoise white hearts, fluorite and hematite.

A rustic pendant with a single pokadot bead.

A dreamcatcher or an octopus. You choose. :-)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

After a Long Pause...

I finally found some playtime today. A bracelet with shells, copper, hematite, tourmaline and silver.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Copper Fun

I'm just aching to play with metals. I am slowly collecting tools, but for now I play with what I have. Hammers, a grinding wheel/buffer, a propane torch and various forms of copper. Here's the result of all that play. A choker with copper, glass, bone and christmas beads.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Week Off

After 3 years, I took a week off work just for me. I did a whole lot of nothing. I didn't plan anything and I told no one that I was off. Just to rest and take care of little old me. I highly recommend doing this. I realized after taking care of everyone else there was little or no time for me and it was time to rest. I read some,
organized a few things and took care of a few things that had been calling my name or simply bugging me.

I did play and make a few pieces of jewelry, much less that I thought I would make this week, but I guess that is a testament to how wiped out I truly was.

Shell necklace with leather and copper

Unakite donut, copper, wood beads, peach calcite, bauxite, old copper tubing that I cut into rings and leather

Inspired by my friends at WetCanvas - a copper charm bracelet with green jasper, amazonite, hematite, bauxite, old 'found' copper tubing that I cut up and a lot of fun with a hammer and a propane torch

Snowflake obsidian donut and silver

Bracelet with colbalt blue glass millefiore (Italian for "one thousand flowers") beads, fresh water pearls and silver

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What are Cosmic Clowns?

I've been asked many times what Cosmic Clowns are or what it means. I think the term started with fun time with my sister and my best friend Pam (Ho). Our family plays. Our parents taught us to find the fun and humor in every situation. I try to pass this wisdom on to my kids and I think I'm successful there. Laughter is to me like breath, nourishment and water. I have to laugh and I know laughter is very healing.

Sometimes it seems, for no apparent reason, something will come to me, or I will say something that makes me say "where did that come from?" Like divinely inspired sillies, and then the giggles come and I feel 'lighter'. Hopefully, those that are around me during such outbursts feel lighter too. :-)

So, during these precious moments the term "The Clowns are about" was born and the term Cosmic Clowns came into being. I like to believe they are always with me, cheering me on and poking me in the ribs when I need it most.

It just made sense to name my blog and future website Cosmic Clowns because I love them so.

I hope you find giggles and sillies in your life!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Play

This has to be my favorite of the weekend. I fell in love with this focal bead and just had to do something with it. Funny how things come to you. Yesterday, nothing worked with it. Today, I was taking a bath and I saw the beads from my stash in my mind that would work! Various green glass and red white heart beads.

I had these wonderful Christmas beads from South America and kept piling them up in a corner of my bead board all weekend and this is the result. I added a brass focal, some sand cast beads, some wooden beads, bone, moukaite, jasper and handmade copper clasp.

Another Puruvian donut, wood beads, some wonderful glass beads, and some bone. AND some experimenting with photography. I'm learning! I built a lightbox and rigged some lights, borrowed my husband's tripod and poof! Much better! I'm not sure about the cloth background I tried, looks sort of like a paper towel ;-).

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Weekend Fun

I fell in love with these Peruvian donuts as well as some Tibetan beads that are red amber with silver caps. I had to play with them!

Adventurine, carved bone, small old clay beads and an abalone pendant.

I had a weekend of fun! Music, quiet and playing with new beads. What more could a girl ask for. :-) This necklace is all fluorite, rose quartz and a very cool glass pendant I recieved as a gift from my friend Pam. The photo does not pick up the irridescent colors well.